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Kamakazya Cleaning Sponge


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Kamakazya sponge instantly removes stains without detergent It simply erases marks on walls, floors, light switches, doors, leather, cars interior, car scratches and more.
How to use:
Soak sponge in the water, then squeeze eraser to remove excess water. Gently rub sponge over dirt, smudges and scuff marks. Rinse eraser between uses.
· It helps to erase marks on walls, floors, light switches, doors and more.
· It helps to clean car dashboard, leather seats, plastics and rubbers.
· It helps to remove marks on car paint.
· It helps to clean leather shoes.
· It helps to remove glue residue.
· It helps to clean kitchenware, Oven and more.
Safety Warning:
· Test first on a well lit, inconspicuous spot with light pressure. Let the spot dry to see if it is modified or damaged. Not recommended for the following surfaces: High Gloss, Polished, Dark, Brushed, Satin, or Bare/Polished Wood.
· Keep out of reach of children and pets to avoid accidental ingestion. Do not use on skin or other parts of the body.
This sponge can be cut into any size for a suitable shape and it’s a strong multi-functional cleaner.

We would love for our customers to get to know us. Fahad Al Sabih Marine Services is Kuwait’s largest marine services provider with a rich 16-years history. We have become a well-known brand, providing  premium quality boat/yacht repairing and maintenance services, products and accessories. The Kamakazya Cleaning Sponge  we sell is of the same premium quality.

What is our vision you may ask?

We want to set new highs for advanced marine services in the Middle East. We deliver innovative, quality-oriented and sustainable solutions and services to prestigious clients from the marine industry. Already for 15 years we have provided excellent quality to the ME and we don’t plan on stopping.

Connect with us! As much as we want to talk about the Kamakazya Cleaning Sponge, we also want to connect. We are on social media. For our business profile we use Linkedin. You can access our profile through the following link

If you wish to get to know us even more, that is also possible. We run a blog where we post regularly. You can acces our blog here

Read up on our blog and immerse yourself in the boating world. We guarantee that you won’t look back. We love to build our community even bigger by bringing like minded people, the people that love boats.

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